Start the day differently - in our case - raspberry, you can have whatever you want, cottage cheese cake with lean cream cheese, topped with protein and sweetened Tasty drops! 💦
👑 1 egg;
👑 1 egg white;
👑 280 g of lean curd;
👑 70 g of skim cream cheese;
👑 20 g of vanilla powder;
👑 20 g of natural sweetener;
👑 30 g of Queen Whey raspberry and yogurt flavored (or your favorite) protein blend;
👑 A few tasty drops of raspberry (or your favorite) flavor drops! 👉 Whisk the eggs separately, then add all the products, mix and place in a baking tin (preferably about 18cm in diameter). Bake in a preheated oven at 160 ° C for about 45 minutes. ⏱
➡ Nutritional value of the bakery: up to 75 g of protein, up to 470 kcal, just up to 19 g of carbohydrates and up to 10 g of fat! 🙌 😍

How spicy but full and at the same time light vegan grilled soybean tofu cheese and rice snack will not only satisfy but also help you lose weight! 💃


1 serving will require:

🔸80 g of rice
50150 g Tofu cheese (available with garlic, greens or other flavors)
🔸1 / 2 red peppers
🔸1 / 2 green peppers
🔸2 tablespoons oil
🔸1 onion leaves
🔸1 hot peppers
🔸1 v. š. soy sauce
🔸30 g Mamma Mia BBQ sauce

1. Boil the rice.
2. Cut the tofu and paprika into bite-sized cubes and place alternately on a skewer suitable for baking.
3. Heat the oil in a pan or grill bowl (if grilling), respectively, and add the pepper-tofu switches. Bake, stirring constantly, until tofu becomes crispy.
4. At that time, cut the onion leaves and hot peppers into small, thin rings, place in a separate pan and fry.
5. Mix Mamma Mia BBQ and soy sauces, pour everything into the pan and let simmer briefly. Then reduce the heat and allow to simmer for another 5 minutes on low heat.

We put the rice in a bowl and put the Tofu-pepper skewers on them. Next to it, we serve the prepared still warm sauce and enjoy the taste! 👑

We believe that in spite of everything, your mood is great, and to make the mood even more positive, let us pamper ourselves with nice things!

Fruit curd pudding with especially useful Chia seeds! 👑
🔸 125 g of lean curd;
🔸 100 ml of coconut milk;
🔸 20 g of amaranth seeds;
🔸 15 g of chia seeds;
🔸 1 banana;
🔸 1/2 mango;
🔸 1 a. š. coconut chips;
🔸 vanilla flavor Tasty drops drops!

🔹 Pour the chia seeds into the coconut milk, add the drops of Tasty drops to taste and leave them to soak (at least 15 minutes, preferably overnight).
🔹 Then we peel the banana and manga, cut the manga into cubes, the banana into slices.
🔹 We mixed the curd with vanilla flavored Tasty drops and a little water. We add a mixture of amaranth and chia seeds.
🔹 Serve to dessert, add fruit. Can be seasoned with coconut chips! 🥥

This pudding can be a great start to the day, a dessert or a snack between meals!

It especially pays off if you decide to cut your body lines because Chia seeds can absorb up to 10 times more water than you weigh! Therefore, just a spoonful is enough. In addition, as many as 80 % carbohydrates in them are made up of fibers, of which as many as 95 % are insoluble! Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids! 💜

Another snack-dessert for today that you won’t need any special products to make!

1 serving will require:
🥑 1/2 avocado;
🍌 1/2 banana;
🔹1 v.š. agave syrup;
🔹10 ml of any vegetable milk (may contain almonds);
🔹1 v.š. cocoa powder;
🔹almond chips;
💦Tasty drops of vanilla flavor drops as needed.

1. Peel an avocado and a banana and cut them into pieces.
2. Put in a blender together with drops of Tasty drops, agave syrup, cocoa powder and grind everything.
3. Pour in the milk and beat for a couple more minutes until the mass is similar to pudding.

Pour the resulting dessert into a glass or dessert, garnish with banana slices and almond chips! 👑


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