Fluffy protein bars


NEW IN THE PRODUCT RANGE - CHEESE CAKE FLUFFY BOTTLES! Immerse yourself in a fluffy, soft sweet sky!

A perfect snack rich in protein and extremely low in carbohydrates. 

What does everyone always need in their purse or work drawer? - Fluffy protein bar from GymQueen! Because it even contains 31% protein, it is a great companion before a workout, after a workout, or just for a snack when you want something sweet but sinless. Extremely soft, fluffy and very tasty! And the consistency of the bar makes every bite a pleasure!

High protein content. Even up to 31%. Sugar-free: Contains only sugars naturally present in the ingredients. Free of synthetic dyes and flavor enhancers and synthetic preservatives. 

For a snack and on the go: no matter where or when - our protein bar is perfect for a snack or looking for something sweet. So that you can enjoy sweetening without any remorse.

GymQueen Fluffy protein bars, made in Germany from the highest quality materials, ensure safe use. 

Net content: 35 g.




A protein bar with a protein-containing vanilla filling and white chocolate drizzle is a great snack. Containing more than 31% protein provides the body with additional proteins thus contributing to the increase or maintenance of muscle mass. The bar is sweet, but with no added sugars and only naturally sweetened, it contains just 4% of sugar, so you can enjoy it without any remorse. 

Composition : Milk protein, 20% white chocolate with sweetener (sweetener: maltitol; cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin; vanilla), filler: polydextrose; Stabilizer: sorbitol syrup; hydrolysed wheat gluten, humectant: glycerin; Sunflower oil, fragrance, salt, emulsifier: soy lecithin; Sweetener: sucralose; Dyes: beta carotene.

Allergens: May contain traces of gluten, eggs, nuts, peanuts and sesame.

Features: With flavor (s) and sweetener (s).

Energy value per 100 g / 35 g portion:
1,406.76 kj 336.00kcal / 492.37 kj 117.60 kcal
Fat 12.00 g / 4.20 g
of which saturated fatty acids 5.20 g / 1.82 g
Carbohydrates 31.00 g / 10.85 g
of which sugars 3.80 g / 1.33 g
of which polyhydric alcohols 26.00 g / 9.10 g
Dietary fiber 11.00 g / 3.85 g
Protein 31.00 g / 10.85 g
Salts 0.70 g / 0.25 g

Country of origin - Germany.

Store in a dry, cool, dark place. 

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"Vanilla", "Cheesecake"


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