How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Užsakymai šiuo metu pristatomi per 9 – 10 darbo dienų. Savaitgaliais ir ne darbo dienomis siuntos pristatomos tik į didžiuosiuose miestuose esančius DPD ir Omniva paštomatus. 

Can Slim Queen cocktails be used by pregnant or lactating women?

Pregnant or lactating women are not the group of people on whom to conduct any scientific research with this type of product to give an answer. However, there is nothing in our cocktails that could harm both pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is only important that the Slim Queen cocktail is not used as a food substitute during pregnancy,  unless as a treat or snack. Also, during breastfeeding, it would be better to choose the Slim Queen Pro cocktail, which is also suitable for lactose intolerance.

Is it necessary to make the Slim Queen shake only with milk?

You can do it both with water and with vegetable (almond, oat, soy, etc.) milk, and with  with ordinary cow's milk, or even with kefir. Making it only with water will not have such a bright and strong taste as when making it with milk. 

Can I pay the courier at the time of delivery?

Yes, payment is also possible at the time of delivery. An additional COD of €3.63 applies to this payment method fee. 

Can I use Slim Queen shakes if I don't exercise?

Of course! Slim Queen is intended for every woman who wants to supplement her diet with important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, or for women who are always in a hurry when they don't have time to have a snack or breakfast. 

Where can our products be purchased?

For now, our products are only available in our e-shop www.fitnsweet.eu

Can I shop without becoming a registered visitor?

Žinoma, galite apsipirkti kaip „svečias”. 

Registration is not required before shopping. 

Do you ship overseas?

Indeed, we ship wherever you are. Shipping abroad is charged at a fixed rate that does not vary depending on the size of the order or the weight of the shipment.