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- delivery to Omniva post office machine EUR 2.90;

– pristatymas registruotu paštu 2,20 EUR;

– pristatymas kurjeriu 4,00 EUR;

- delivery to DPD Pickup point 2,00 EUR;

– pristatymas į užsienį registruotu paštu 20 EUR;

- delivery to other Baltic countries by courier from 6 EUR.


You can pay by:

- by bank transfer to the account LT602140030003829970;

- by transfer to PayPal account ([email protected]);

- by wire transfer via PaySera Bank Payment System (directly through your bank).


Only with us you will find the products of the well-known European brand GymQueen.
What’s sweet can be helpful, good for exercising or following a diet regimen.
We are here to offer you only the highest quality goods, sports food and healthy nutrition.


Darbo laikas: I – V 10:00 – 18:00                                  VI – VII nedirbame

Got questions, suggestions? Contact us:
El.paštu: [email protected]
Phone +370 611 81208


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