Here you will find a well-known brand in Europe for sports and healthy nutrition GymQueen products. We are the official and only seller of GymQueen brand products in the Baltic States.
GymQueen is all about the highest quality of products, with as many specially selected, natural components as possible.

Our products are characterized by healthier, better, highest quality composition. Products do not contain artificial sweetener aspartame, artificial flavor enhancers, only Premium quality ingredients are used. The sweets contain natural grain sweetener maltitol that is suitable even for diabetics, coconut oil, no added sugars.

Sweet food can be useful for sports and fit your diet, diet. Interesting?
We are here to offer you only the highest quality goods, sports food and healthy nutrition.

Our goal is for everyone who is exercising or eating healthy to find what is right for their body.
We will strive to constantly improve and expand the range of goods. We want every customer to know that will find the best products for nutrition and sports.

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