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About us

With us you will find a well-known and leading brand of goods for sports and healthy nutrition in Europe GymQueen products. We are the official seller of GymQueen brand products in the Baltic countries since 2016.
At GymQueen, the highest quality and best taste of products containing as many specially selected, natural components as possible are important.

Our products are characterized by the healthiest, best, highest quality composition. The products do not contain the artificial sweetener aspartame, artificial flavor enhancers, only premium quality ingredients are used. The sweets contain maltitol, a natural sweetener of grain origin, suitable even for diabetics, coconut oil, no added sugars.

Sweet food can be useful for sports and suitable for your diet and diet. Interesting?
We exist to be able to offer you only the highest quality goods, food for sports and healthy nutrition.

Because GYMQUEEN products are not a diet, GYMQUEEN is a way of life that you can easily and skillfully integrate into your daily life. Whether it's meal replacements, sugar-free, low-carb products, training aids, or supplements that provide all the important vitamins and nutrients, we have the right products for every purpose to help you on your way to feeling good and the body image you want.

We at Fitnsweet are women just like you and can relate to your problems and desires because we know and respond to them ourselves. We know how to achieve and maintain good health without dieting and coercion, but with fun and enjoyment. We would like to pass this knowledge on to you and also provide you with the right products.

We will strive to constantly improve and expand the range of products. We want every customer to know that Fitnsweet.eu will find the best products for nutrition and sports.

Do you have questions, suggestions? Want to collaborate? Contact us:
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15% Nuolaida
Bandyk kitą kartą
Dėžutė Brownie pyragėlių dovanų
Bandyk kitą kartą
20% Nuolaida
25% Nuolaida
Bandyk kitą kartą
Nemokamas pristatymas bet kokiai sumai
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30% Nuolaida
Bandyk kitą kartą
Bandyk kitą kartą
Sukite laimės ratą ir laimėkite Nuostabių Prizų!
Įveskite savo el. pašto adresą ir sukite ratą. Tai jūsų galimybė laimėti nuostabių nuolaidų!
  • Vienas žaidėjas gali žaisti vieną kartą kas 10 dienų.
  • Brownie dėžutė dovanojama perkant už 15 eur arba daugiau.