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"Slim and burn" 2-month set


You often ask how long the package of your favorite Slim cocktail is enough for. And we have created a set for you, which will last you even two months!* You can choose from eight different and especially delicious flavors! But we've made this kit even more useful and efficient!

Slim slimming cocktail - this is an innovative new item in our product range, it is a meal replacement, where you can replace one of the meals of the day with a portion of a cocktail. This way you will consume very few calories, you will get up to 22 different vitamins and minerals and proteins. This cocktail is designed for women who want to enhance their body shapes Do you often not have time to have a snack or breakfast? It will be your perfect companion to reduce your daily calorie intake and thus reduce your body weight. 

The set includes: Keturi Jūsų pasirinktų skonių Slim Queen lieknėjimo kokteiliai (po 420 g, viso 1680 g) ir „Burning Queen Extreme” riebalų deginimo kapsulės.

*You will have enough shakes for two months if you consume one recommended serving once a day. Average of 14 servings per package. 

Grynasis kiekis „Burning Queen Extreme” kapsulės – 60 kapsulių. (dviems mėnesiams).

“Burning Queen Extreme” kapsulės, pagamintos Vokietijoje iš aukščiausios kokybės medžiagų, užtikrina saugų vartojimą. 


"Burning Queen Extreme“ yra mažasis pagalbininkas kiekvienai dietai. Tokios augalinės medžiagos kaip Garcinia Cambogia yra optimalus maisto papildas ir palaiko jūsų medžiagų apykaitą. Iš čia kilo pavadinimas „ Burning Queen“ .

Other ingredients such as ginger extract (11.1%), guarana extract (8.5%) and green coffee extract (5%) are natural stimulants, and the daily dose, per tablet contains 42 mg of caffeine, making Burning Queen fat burner excellent it is also suitable to drink before training. 

Recommended dose: gerti po 1 kapsulę per dieną užgeriant vandeniu. ĮSPĖJIMAS -sudėtyje didelis kofeino kiekis.

Storage: Laikykite produktą vėsioje, sausoje vietoje, kur nepasiekia maži vaikai.

A food supplement cannot be used as a food substitute. An active lifestyle and a varied, balanced diet are important.

Neto weight: 54 g (60 kapsulių).

Composition: 20,16% guaranos ekstrakto (22% kofeino, Paullina cupana, kofeino, dažiklis: karamelė, sudėtyje yra sulfites), 19,47% žaliosios arbatos ekstrakto (40% polifenolių, 3% kofeino, Camellia sinensis), 11,25% Garcinia cambogia ekstrakto (60% hidroksicitrino rūgšties, Garcinia cambogia), 6,1% bitartratcholino, 6,1% inozitolio, N-acetil-L-tirozino , mikrokristalinė celiuliozė, kalcio fosfatas, 2,42% Salix ekstraktas (15% salicinas, Salix alba), L-karnitino tartratas, 2,0% Citrus aurantium ekstraktas (6% sinefrinas, Citrus aurantium), 2, 0% ginkmedžio ekstraktas (3% flavonolio glikozidai) , ginkmedžio ginkmedis), 2,0% coleus ekstrakto (10% forskolino, coleus fors


Substituting a creamy and delicious Slim Queen breakfast, dinner or snack with a smoothie makes your weight management and weight loss easier. By simply replacing one or two meals with the creamy and delicious Slim Queen Shake, you'll be cutting calories and therefore your weight, while providing your body with important vitamins and nutrients. Losing weight has never tasted so good! And the best thing: one portion contains ONLY 250 kcal and does not contain any added sugar, synthetic flavor enhancers or synthetic preservatives. You can prepare a portion of the cocktail in less than a minute - so nothing will really stop you from achieving your desired goal of losing weight and achieving the body of your dreams.

Who is the SLIM cocktail suitable for?

"Slim Queen" cocktail is perfect for you if you follow the principles of a healthy diet, lose or want to lose weight, improve your body lines or simply get the protein, vitamins and minerals your body needs by enjoying a very delicious, sweet milkshake. 

For one serving (equivalent to one meal), add 30 g of powder (1 measuring spoon included in the package) to a drinker or blender, mix with 275 ml of cold milk or water and blend for about 20 seconds. Now you can taste it!

* If you want to lose weight, you should replace two meals a day (preferably breakfast, one daily snack or dinner) with a Slim Queen shake. If your goal is to maintain your weight, it is enough to replace one meal with one portion of a shake per day. To do this, you should follow the preparation recommendations. It is also recommended to drink enough fluids during the day, preferably water. The cocktail fulfills its intended purpose in accordance with the principles of healthy nutrition, so you should make sure that other food products will also be part of your diet, a healthy diet.

Whey protein concentrate (contains emulsifier: sunflower lecithin), maltodextrin, calcium caseinate (contains milk, contains emulsifier: sunflower lecithin), emulsifier: soy lecithin, thickener: glucomannan; Flavouring, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, thickener: xanthan; Salt, low-fat cocoa powder, potassium citrate, coloring beta-carotene, L-ascorbic acid, sweetener: sucrose; Ferrous sulfate, zinc gluconate, copper gluconate, manganese sulfate, potassium iodide, sodium selenite, nicotinamide, dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, calcium D-pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, thiamine mononitrate, retinyl acetate, pteroylmonoglutaminesinure, phytomenadione, , manganese gluconate, cholecalciferol , cyanocobalamin.

Contains soy, dairy products. May contain traces of eggs and gluten.

1,691.47 kj, 404.00 kcal / 507.44 kj 121.20 kcal 6.06 percent.

fat 11.00 g/ 3.30 g 4.71%
of which: saturated fatty acids 1.50 g / 0.45 g 2.25%
carbohydrates 37.00 g / 11.10 g 4.27 percent
of which sugars 5.30 g / 1.59 g 1.77 percent.
fiber materials 3.90 g / 1.17 g 3.90%
protein 37.00 g / 11.10 g 22.20%
of salts 1.00 g / 0.30 g 5.00%

The taste of the first "Slim Queen" cocktail

"Pieniškas laimas", "Braškių-rabarbarų", "Citrininis sūrio tortas", "Šokoladinis kokosas", "Baltasis šokoladas-pistacijos"

A taste of the second "Slim Queen" cocktail

"Pieniškas laimas", "Braškių-rabarbarų", "Citrininis sūrio tortas", "Šokoladinis kokosas", "Baltasis šokoladas-pistacijos"

The third taste of the Slim Queen cocktail

"Pieniškas laimas", "Braškių-rabarbarų", "Citrininis sūrio tortas", "Šokoladinis kokosas", "Baltasis šokoladas-pistacijos"

Ketvirtojo "Slim Queen" kokteilio skonis

"Pieniškas laimas", "Braškių-rabarbarų", "Citrininis sūrio tortas", "Šokoladinis kokosas", "Baltasis šokoladas-pistacijos"


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